We Have Something Just For You

Whoever you are, wherever you're from, you are welcome here.

Our mission at Aurora Student Ministries (ASM) is to create a safe space for students in grades 7-12 to discover and build a relationship with Jesus. Our leaders have a heart for investing in students and helping them grow in their knowledge and love for Him.  At ASM, we believe involvement 'outside our walls' is important, that's why we serve with different organizations in our community and beyond.


1) Before you arrive at Aurora, check your student for signs of illness.
2) Students will wear masks and remain socially distant for the entire time we are gathered.
3) Lots of fun!

Imposter IRL
Wednesday June 16, 7:00-9:00pm

"Crewmates" will explore the church looking for tasks to complete, but little do they know, there are Imposters in their midst looking to pick them off one by one. Crewmates must complete their tasks or identify the Imposters before the Imposters get them all!

Sunday Gatherings

On Sunday mornings, we go deep! We meet in the Tween Room for Bible study, small group discussion, and prayer.
This Spring, we're going through the book of 1 John. 1 John is a letter written to Christians who are now trying to live out the life Jesus calls us to live. 

Wednesday Nights

ASM meets in the Student Lounge for games, teaching about Jesus, and prayer. We're going through a series on prayer called Awkward Conversation and our prayer is to come out on the other side a little less ... awkward!