SERVING others hasn't been CANCELED. let's be the church.

use your Time & unique gifts to serve the community.

Even during a pandemic there are ways you can serve people in our community and in our church. 
A senior living & assisted living home located here in Shoreline. The staff are being over extended as they safeguard their residents from the coronavirus while comforting them during this stressful time. They've asked for donations of bottled water, snacks, and thermometers to help continue their work.
This season can become very lonely. Social distancing may be our best weapon... but it can become extremely isolating. Our Care & Connect Team reaches out to others to check-in (calling, texting, etc.) & possibly help with shopping for those high-risk. 
Meets a need in our own neighborhood by providing food for kids in need while they are out of school. Shoreline Schools  is asking if we can donate $25 Safeway & Gas Cards. Your donation will insure the schools have the means to buy & dispense food to kids. Give to "Kids Food"
We are committed to the power of prayer and encourage you to join the team and lift others up in prayer. Our prayer team retrieves the requests each day and will be praying over them. As we are stuck at home, praying can be a powerful way to serve others in our community & church. 

We were created to make a difference

There are numerous opportunities for you to get involved this season.
No experience is required, just a heart willing to serve. Have more questions about serving?