Do these gatherings have to meet on Sundays?
Being that we are wanting to foster the face to face sense of belonging and getting back into the Sunday morning connection, Sundays are encouraged but not required.
How do I get connected to a neighborhood gathering?
Online sign ups will be available soon for those who would like assistance.  You can invite those in any existing group you may be part of or you can begin to form a new group by inviting others to participate with you.
Should I bring my own chair?  Do I need to wear a mask? What about using the bathroom? Will these groups be outside?
These questions will be left up to the discretion of the Host. When it comes to questions of health and safety we are deferring to CDC guidelines.
How will giving be handled in the neighborhood gatherings?
We will not be receiving tithes or offering in Neighborhood Gatherings.  All giving will continue to be done online or through the mail.
Will Communion be served in the neighborhood gatherings?
CDC recommends no food or drink be served in the initial phases. Therefore, Communion will not be served in the Neighborhood Gatherings, but rather will be served via our weekly prayer gatherings.
How long will the Neighborhood Gatherings last?
The online service lasts approximately 30 minutes. Therefore, we are estimating the Neighborhood Gatherings to last approximately 1 hour. However each Host and group will determine their own time frame.
Do the Neighborhood Gatherings have to be in person? Could I form a Neighborhood Zoom Group?
Yes, Neighborhood Zoom Gatherings could be formed if people were unable to meet in person. However, the primary purpose of the Neighborhood Gatherings is to nurture the face to face, in person belonging that has been lost these past several months. Therefore, the goal would be to move to in person as soon as the gathering was able.

Got more questions? Email or call 206-542-2111